Learn more about our principles, our history, and who we are today.


We're Powered Agency.

Powered Agency was founded with a clear mission in mind: 

To bring transparency and honesty to an industry filled with predatory agencies that have complicated contracts and confusing negotiation sequences.

When you work with Powered Agency,you get years of experience behind you.

We've spent over three years working with influencers who've struggled with predatory agencies, confusing contracts, and situations that have made them hate what was once their passion and joy. 

We put the power back in your hands by letting you do what you do best - create.

We'll handle the rest. 

Why We're Better

The Powered Difference

We started “powered agency” to change that forever. Our agency focuses on clear communication and complete transparency with those that we represent, with one flat fee.

No Exclusivity

Many agencies will try to lock you into a multi-year deal, with hard and fast locks on what you're able to do. With Powered, You remain a free agent and can set your own deals outside of us.

Shared Brand Base

Every time an influencer scores a deal through our network, every other influencer's profile is automatically shared with that brand. This means that as we grow, so does your exposure.

No Affiliate Deals

Many companies will try to set you on a profit-sharing deal where they get a percentage of whatever you make. With Powered, we're transparent from the beginning what you'll pay us. That means more in your pocket, and no stress.

What makes us different

Our Core Values

Principles and discipline define a person or an organization - here are ours. 


We prioritize your authentic voice and your audience’s trust, over confusing fast money deals that get lost in the ink.


Other management companies try to sign you into binding contracts that are meant to confuse you. Never with us.


Social media is a form of art and expression that makes the world a smaller place.

We started Powered Agency as a way to protect this art from the massive agencies that take advantage of creators.